Kafu Concertian Wire Co.

Kafu Concertian Wire Co. is engaged in manufacture and export of razor blade wires, barbed wires, reinforced barbed tape wires, fencing wires, punched tape concertina wires, razor mesh wires and electro coil wires. We also supply barbed wire fences and security fencings wires.

Our Company
Kafu Concertian Wire Co. is a global developer, producer and exporter of reliable quality concertina wire and barbed wire fencing products that are popularly used in civil and military security. Main features of concertina wire include affordable cost, easy transport and installation, high security and extreme strength.

Our Customers
Sited in Kafu, this company exports its products to the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our Products
Kafu Concertian Wire Co. is the local leading producer of concertina wire series fencing products and a leading supplier of barbed wire, razor wire and concertina coils. We also produce barbed wire, razor wire mesh, various metal fences from galvanized steel and stainless steel materials.

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