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Kafu Concertian Wire Co. is the local leading producer of concertina wire series fencing products and a leading supplier of barbed wire, razor wire and concertina coils. We also produce barbed wire, razor wire mesh, various metal fences from galvanized steel and stainless steel materials.To import blade type concertina wire coils from China, browse www.concertinawire.org for detail information.

General Introduction to Concertina Wire 
Concertina wire is also named as blade type razor wire in coils. Concertina wire is made of press machines for punching steel strip to form razor blades, then further processed by the assembling machine for fixing the wire and the punched razor blades together.

Concertina coil razor barbed tape has the following advantages, compared with the conventional barbed wire:
It has sharper barbs (blades);
The blades are not prone to sagging;
Both sides are flat;
Zinc coating offers anti-corrosion property to increase the life

Common Types:
Blade Width: 19 - 22 mm
Blade Thickness: 28 to 25 gauge (0.37 to 0.5 mm)
Material: Soft Galvanized Iron Strip 

Coil Wire
The coil wire is made of hardened steel and thus cannot be cut with standard tools. The spring steel also ensures that the coil holds its space.

The coil wire provides light barrier and is thus easy to ship, transport and deploy.

Concertina coils follow ground contours and can be rapidly installed without posts or straining wire in pyramid formation.

Razor Wire Coils
Punched concertina coil tape has been developed to replace the conventional barbed wire in the role to deter, obstruct and protect. Concertina coils have more effects consisting of steel strip reinforced with high tensile wire and having hooks or spear like barbs at close intervals. Heavy duty clips form a concertina configuration with diameters from 610 mm to 1050 mm. The concertina coils can be attached to existing barrier fences or used independently as a barrier line.

Uses: The concertina coil system is used widely by the Army, Police Commerce and Industry for zero penetration in perimeter security.

High Security Fencing System
Hi-Tech Securities Fencing System include products like:

Reinforced punched barbed tape (RPT)

Reinforced Punched Concertina Coils (RPCC)

Barbed Wire

Chain Links

Welded wire mesh

It is possible to erect protective barriers' easy & quickly with actual fencing requirement of houses, residential complex, VIP areas, industrial premises, farm houses, etc.

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